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Couch Based Acupressure Massage

A similar treatment to our on-site chair massage, couch based acupressure combines elements of shiatsu and acupressure designed to relax and revitalise the recipient.

As well as working on the same areas as chair based acupressure i.e. the upper and lower back, arms, hands, neck and head, couch based acupressure also includes treatment to the legs.

The benefits of acupressure massage are extensive and include:

  • increased alertness
  • improved concentration
  • better quality sleep
  • an improved sense of self
  • a reduction in stress levels
  • more energy
  • reduced anxiety levels
  • low mood reduction
  • relief from tension headaches
  • relief from eye and/or neck strain
  • a reduction in repetitive strain complaints
  • lesser incidences of common cold/flu symtoms

As with chair based acupressure massage, you will remain fully clothed throughout the treatment and oils are not used.

This is an invigorating massage treatment designed to clear the perspective and re-energise both body and mind.

1/2 hr treatment