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Swedish Massage Treatments

Body Massages

Formulated to relax and rejuvenate, our body massage treatments provide the ultimate 'feel-good' therapy and are great for alleviating those aches & pains and stresses & strains associated with daily living.

Combine with one of our signature essential oil blends - skin detox, muscles ease, tranquility, sensuality, sports, soothing lavender or moroccan argan oil (great for skin tone & texture) - to add to your treatments benefits. Unperfumed options are available if preferred.

  • The 'Express' : Swedish Massage to the back of the legs, back & rear shoulders (or) the back of the legs, lumbar (lower) back & hips (30 mins) £25

  • The 'Mini Upper Body' : Swedish Massage to the back, shoulders & neck and either arms or face (45 mins) £30

  • The 'Maxi Upper Body' : Swedish Massage to the back, shoulders, neck, arms & face (or) back, shoulders, neck, face & head (1 hr) £40

  • The 'Full Body' : Swedish Massage to the back, hips, shoulders, neck, arms & full legs (1 1/2 hrs) £60

  • The 'Ultimate' Full Body : Swedish Massage to the back, hips, shoulders, neck, arms & hands, full legs & feet, face & head (2 hrs) £75

Focus Massages

Our focus range of massages are ideal where one or more areas requires increased attention. Alternately, choose a selection of our focus massages to tailor your own unique body massage experience. A great pre or post exercise / sports treatment where specific muscle groups can be targeted. Essential oil blends or unperfumed options available.

Special Offer On Focus Massages - £10 discount on 2 focus massages, £15 discount on 3 focus massages, £20 discount on 4 focus massages (excludes abdominal (20 mins) & individual face & head or head massages).

  • Back, shoulders & neck (30 mins) £25
  • Back, lumbar region & hips (30 mins) £25
  • Full legs (30 mins) £25
  • Full legs & feet (45 mins) £30
  • Lower legs & feet (30 mins) £25
  • Arms & hands (30 mins) £25
  • Abdomen (ideal for trapped wind, constipation etc) (20 or 30 mins) £18 / £25
  • Face & head (congestion etc) (30 mins) £25
  • Face (or) head (20 mins) £18

Therapeutic Specific Massages

Our therapeutic specific swedish massage treatments are for when one or more areas of the body (specific muscle / group of muscles, tendon, ligament, joint or limb for e.g) requires more intensive therapeutic intervention due to pain, stiffness, tension etc.

These treatments are individually tailored to your needs following consultation and can be booked on a 1/2 hr @ £25 or 1 hr @ £40 basis.

We recommend that you contact us in advance of making an appointment for a therapeutic specific treatment to ensure that massage is a safe & suitable option for you and the problem you are experiencing. Clarification can be provided quickly and easily in most instances.