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Thai Hand & Foot Massage

Within our thai hand & foot massage treatments, chinese massage, shiatsu reflexology (using a thai stick) and gentle rotational stretching of the joints of the hands and feet, combine to produce a deep feeling of tranquility and peace for the recipient.

By working on the major energy lines that run through the body and applying pressure to specific acupressure points on the hands and feet, both mind and body are stimulated to restore balance, health and well-being.

The benefits of this treatment are wide ranging and include:

  • relief from stress, tensions & anxiety
  • improved sleep & relaxation
  • an enhanced sense of inner peace, tranquility & calm
  • the dispelling of bodily toxins
  • improved circulation to the hands & feet
  • increased joint flexibility & reduced stiffness

Each treatment includes a pre-massage aromatic foot soak and scrub (using a traditional thai bowl and rinse ladle) and lower leg massage. Choose from traditional aroma's of lime, mandarin, sandalwood & ginger (or) lavender, tea-tree & peppermint.

45 minute treatment

This treatment is performed on a seated basis and is therefore suitable for those who cannot receive couch based treatments.